Photograph of Dunja Sharbat Dar

Dunja Sharbat Dar

Research Associate & PhD Student

Office Hours

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Areas of Research

WS 2021/2022:

MA-Seminar: Resonating Religion: About the Intersection of Music and Religion

BA/MA-Seminar: Religion im gegenwärtigen Japan (Religion in contemporary Japan)

SoSe 2021:

BA/MA-Seminar: From Jedi Knights, Monster Hunting Cowgirls and a Teenage Witch – Religion in der Populärkultur
Team-Teaching with Anna Kira Hippert



Podcast about our Children's book: Melting Pod (09/2021)

Forschungsaufenthalt in Fukushima, Japan

Austauschjahr in Fukushima, Japan (2014-2015)

Research Associate of Center for Religious Studies and SaWa

Associate Lecturer of CERES Teaching

Member of Studienbeirat

PhD Student of CERES Early Career Researchers' Program